Besides my personal art, I provide design direction and product management for the next generation of JetBrains apps. Currently, I work on the chat-centric platform for software development teams called Space and the untitled cloud native IDE.

If you are interested in building software together with us, apply for an open position or internship through the careers page.

Prior to JetBrains, I led design teams at Veeam ²⁰¹⁴⁻²⁰¹⁵, Wrike ²⁰¹⁵⁻²⁰¹⁶, and was a partner in a logistic startup VeeRoute ²⁰¹⁶⁻²⁰¹⁹.

Before I got into IT, I spent 5 years as a graphic designer and before that as an architectural visualizer. Since then, I have been passionate about 3D. And more recently, I've been studying Japanese. Both aspects are paramount in the visual style of my work.

For work inquiries and collaboration ideas, please use I enjoy working with science and cultural institutions, and it is always a pleasure to create new artwork for the Poster Project with a talented ☼ person.

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