We worked for such clients as:

× Pioner Cinema,
× A2 club,
× Bushe bakery,
× Sarafun PR,
× Electra Bikes,
× Translogix,
× Kosmonavt,
× Sreda Identity.

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Jimmy Eltsin

Logo, identity.

Democratic bar
with a large range
of cocktails, variety of self
developed shots, homemade syrups
and infusions.


Logo, identity.

A small cafe-bar
with a quality kitchen
& a relaxed home atmosphere
in the center
of St. Petersburg.


Entire corporate identity & creative managment.

Largest concert club in St. Petersburg. Two concert halls "Mir" and "Sputnik", restaurants, bars, and additional areas for future projects. More than 5,000 people could visit the space at the same time.


Logo, identity.

Tekopan is a new brand on the Russian market which makes panels for ventilated facades.

Orbita newspaper

Monthly newspaper about the music and not only by А2 space. Distributed free of charge at more than 60 best places of St. Petersburg.


Logo, identity.

for «middle»,
is the first
of Berlin.
And a small
cozy cafe
in the center
of St. Petersburg.


Logo, concept works, presentation materials and project management. The project was presented as part of Helsinki Design Weerk 2012 at Designmuseon.

EXIIS is a prefabricated house, implying a combination of minimal number of cubes needed for creating a designer’s house. EXI in Greek means 6. EXIIS is a house that begins with six cubes.

Arms & Sleepers, 23.04.2013

Posters, flyers and all advertising for the Arms & Sleepers gig in Saint Petersburg.

Pioner Schedule Liflets guideline

We have developed two design guidelines for schedule liflets – 2011's version and 2012's version.

65 days
of static, 24.09.2010

Posters, flyers and all advertising for the 65 days of static's gig in Saint Petersburg.

Dark Tower

Covers for a series of books written by American author Stephen King, which incorporates themes from multiple genres, including fantasy, science fantasy, horror and western.

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